How it works

The Open Innovation platform integrates direct inhabitants’ involvement to take charge and actively contribute in building their future cities and enables expert knowledge and available technologies to provide the services.

This is achieved by generating insights and making meaningful use of information from expert knowledge, historic and real-time data, in a transparent and open stream. The platform offers constructive use of data and information from knowledge by clustering data and information in three domains; Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of People (IoP) and Internet of Knowledge (IoK). This enables users to access insights to support decision-making processes, strategies and designs, at anytime, anyplace and in any specific context.

The IoK represents the technical cluster which is the backbone scientifically and practice proven solutions and approaches to be implemented to given urban context, extensively matched with personal insights (IoP) and meaningful operational data (IoT).

Figure: Architecture of the International Open Innovation 2.0 platform